From Darkness to Light

Start a Crowd Funding Campaign

Welcome to the Vibravision foundation application process. Only the blind can qualify to learn Vibravision through our foundation. If you are sighted person and would like to learn the art of Vibravision, please click here for more options.

We ask that all applicants start a crowdfunding campaign in order to be considered for our program. Our philosophy is that all things worth having are for those who take action.

At our discretion, general donations may be split up between applicants in order to help them achieve their campaign goals. All proceeds from your campaign will go directly to the foundation and will be used for your tuition on completion of your campaign.

Create your crowdfunding page today. It’s simple and setup can take less that five minutes. Once created and approved, you can share your crowdfunding page with friends, family, and on social media to help bring in donations to pay for your tuition. Get as creative as you’d like and, most of all, have fun!

(If you already have a campaign started, login.)