From Darkness to Light

Introduction to the Vibravision Foundation

Vibravision is an ancient MP or Merpati Putih technique that has been practiced for hundreds of years by the royal family of Indonesia. Vibravision has been released to the public so that all those who wish to practice, can ‘see’ the world using nothing but vibrational energy. is a non-profit organization that raises money to give blind children and adults the opportunity to learn the Vibravision techniques that will enable them to navigate and explore the world with new “eyes”!

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Vibravision Foundation is Now Offering Immersive Courses

It is our goal and the purpose of the Vibravision Foundation to teach the Vibravision techniques to blind individuals that want to learn the art. We believe Vibravision can greatly enhance their lives. If you are a sighted person and would like to learn the art of Vibravision please click here for more options.

Donors – Please feel free to donate any amount to our general donations page. All proceeds will go towards facilitating and educating applicants in the art of Vibravision.

Vibravision Courses

Vibravision Offers Immersion Courses For Sighted and Blind People.

Learn more about our Immersion Courses with full details and pricing and availability.

All Courses Include:

  • An Introduction to Vibravision
  • Power Building Exercises
  • Specific Meditations
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Sensing and Implementation
  • Testing
  • Certificate of Completion

Vibravision Demonstrations