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The Vibravision Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money to give blind children and adults the opportunity to learn the Vibravision techniques that will enable them to navigate and explore the world.


The Vibravision® Mindsight technique has been distilled from hundreds of years of knowledge gained in the discipline of Merpati Putih, a martial art developed by the Royal Family of Central Java, Indonesia. Vibravision® retrains previously dormant parts of the brain, allowing students to perceive the world in a whole new way using the brain and body’s ability to perceive vibrational energy. Vibravision® is a unique practice that combines specific physical exercise, deep transcendent meditation, and consciousness expansion practices. Put simply, the Vibravision® system retrains and focuses the brain, allowing people with limited—and in many cases no—sight to “see” the world around them again, close to or as accurately as someone with normal vision.

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Vibravision Foundation is Now Offering Immersive Courses

All Courses Include:

  • Multiple workshop sessions covering energy-building exercises, specific meditations to unlock the Vibravision® ability, breathing techniques, sensing and implementation practices, presentations, question and answer sessions, and many hours of practice
  • Supplies included are as follows: training uniform (pants and two shirts), a Vibravision® Meditation Manual and a custom Vibravision® home-study kit
  • Every day is a 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. program, including breaks
  • Hourly schedules will be finalized closer to retreat date and given on the first day of the event
  • No part of the program overlaps another. Students can participate in the entire program
  • All training spots are first-come, first-serve basis only, and all applicants must pass a background check and interview
  • Refreshments, snacks and lunch included each day
  • These are live in-person events only. No events will be broadcast online
  • Translations are not provided. The event is in English only
  • Airfare, transportation, accommodation, extra meals, and services are not included in the event price

It is our goal and the purpose of the Vibravision Foundation to teach the Vibravision techniques to blind individuals that want to learn the art. We believe Vibravision can greatly enhance their lives. If you are a sighted person and would like to learn the art of Vibravision please click here for more options.

Donors – Please feel free to donate any amount to our general fund. All proceeds are tax deductible and will go towards facilitating and educating applicants in the art of Vibravision.

Vibravision Demonstrations

VibraVision treatment

Help further scientific research on Vibravision with your Donation!

Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, has been involved in brain neuroscience for more than 20 years. Using his cutting-edge research, including QEEG technology, commonly called “Brain Mapping”, Dr. Fannin is able to accurately assess and measure brainwave activity.

We would like to raise funds in order to pursue continued research into the effects of the Vibravision method on the brain. The main objective of this research is to determine the brain’s response to the Vibravision methods, utilizing the QEEG, enabling the Vibravision trainers to tailor future training to each individual in a personalized manner, based on their own Brain Map.

Your donation will help support Dr. Jeffrey Fannin in his research, through covering the costs of administering the QEEG on study participants.

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Donate today and help to improve the quality of life for the visually impaired through Vibravision.

At our discretion, general donations may be split up between applicants in order to help them achieve their campaign goals. We appreciate your support!

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